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Change Behaviour. Change Results.™

Our clients want high performing sales and negotiation teams. They want to see behavioural improvement and they want it to be sustainable. We are one of only a few companies in the world capable of robust delivery across all three goals.

Our training interventions are built on a foundation of vast, science-led research and analysis. As a result we know the timeless behaviours needed for high performance. We have world-renowned methodologies to align clients to that standard. And we have a flexible approach to help ensure successful behavioural change appropriate to each client environment.

These components, along with our expert team, combine to help our clients achieve their goals.

It is a model we call  Change Behaviour. Change Results.™.  It is unique.  No one does what we do to the standard that we do it.

Huthwaite Research


Our methodologies are based on observed, science-based research. Surveying or asking people why they are successful is never as authentic as observing them in action.  The key to successful selling or negotiating is not down to subjectivity but the natural behavioural patterns based on our own shared humanity. Our research shows us those patterns.


Our methodologies are rooted in the behavioural success patterns our extensive research has uncovered. They are designed to not only share what excellence looks like but to give participants and their organisations a model of behavioural alignment they can understand, adopt, measure and embed.


Our researched behaviours stem from the psychological triggers we are born with. They are timeless. They include the need to be heard, the desire for fairness and survival behaviours that ask ‘what’s in it for me?’ We take the behaviours relevant for high performance selling and negotiating and formalize them into a harmonic blend of: verbal (what we say); listening (how well we hear); process (how we organise ourselves); non-verbal (how we present ourselves). A Huthwaite trained professional is in powerful command of all four, at any time, in any circumstance.


Every client is striving for a permanent improvement in the performance behaviours of their team. We follow a five stage approach we call their Learning Journey. It’s tried and tested over thousands of programmes. It’s a continuous approach to ensure new behaviours remain strong, along with the return on your learning investment. More.


Our 400 strong team of staff and associates around the world vary in background, specialism, gender, nationality and perspective. They are intellectual, practical, commercial. Our people define us. Their diversity is the cornerstone of our ability to serve you and provide you with a balance of both deep and broad expertise.


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