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Training needs analysis - Huthwaite International - Focusing development for your commercial teams.

Training Needs Analysis Tool

Focusing development for your commercial teams

If you are investing money and resources in developing your people – alongside their time as valuable team members – you will naturally want to focus that learning on those stages of the sales and Buying Cycle™ where there is most need and most benefit to be gained.


The Huthwaite Training Needs Assessment tool enables you to:

  • Benchmark individual knowledge and attitudes before one of our learning interventions
  • Define priority learning needs for each individual
  • Gather data on individual strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Plan targeted learning to build capability quickly and reliably.

The Huthwaite Training Needs Assessment tool uses realistic customer scenarios to check how sales people approach different situations regularly encountered in complex sales and negotiations. By understanding where individuals are strong and where they have opportunities to develop further, the Huthwaite Training Needs Assessment tool;

  • builds individual confidence
  • provides a focus for immediate learning and subsequent skill development
  • supports preparatory planning and coaching conversations
  • provides a baseline knowledge check to support data gathering about programme effectiveness.

If you want to trial the new Huthwaite Training Needs Analysis Tool you can do so free of charge by registering below.

Your personalised reports and insights will be provided on a first come first served basis for a limited period of time. If you find the experience a valuable one and potential of wider interest to your organisation please contact us.