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closing a deal after business negotiation training

Why invest?

Many of the top negotiators in the world are trained by Huthwaite International. They prefer to stay anonymous. Their skills are a powerful advantage their opponents don’t see coming.

It’s not uncommon for the investment in a Huthwaite negotiation programme to be returned (and more) in the very next deal. The gains and savings our clients around the world have made run into millions. We helped one global energy supplier save £37 million in a single negotiation.

A skills development programme in Negotiation from Huthwaite will help your company to:

  • Avoid concessions in major sales

  • Save costs in major purchases

  • Increase margins

  • Achieve a common, worldclass negotiation approach and language across different teams

  • Increase confidence in complex scenarios

  • Cementing equitable relations with strategic partners

  • Develop an unseen competitive advantage.

Improving negotiation performance

How the world’s largest organisations are improving their corporate negotiation performance with real world examples.

How well are you negotiating?

Huthwaite International’s biggest ever global survey into the tactics and behaviours deemed effective at the negotiating table.


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