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Negotiation training overview

Improving margins these days can be tough. On one side, sales teams can find it difficult to add value in increasingly commoditised markets, and on the other, procurement professionals are trying to squeeze even more percentage points from an already squeezed supplier base. Is there any light?

There certainly is. Both Sales and Procurement need to negotiate effectively across a range of increasingly complex business scenarios. By learning the skills to do this to the highest standards, margins can increase.

Through our negotiation training programmes, Huthwaite have been helping clients address issues like this for 40 years.  It’s where our reputation as a safe pair of hands was forged.

So what makes Huthwaite’s negotiation training programmes different in a marketplace where everyone claims to be ‘experts’?

  • Whilst many claim to teach negotiation behaviour,  few have the research to back this up.  Huthwaite has the largest database of behavioural research of any other training provider anywhere in the world.

  • Our research wasn’t cherry picked from other non-negotiation specific fields such as Transactional Analysis or NLP, (both are reputable bodies of research but neither were done specifically for application in negotiation),  Huthwaite’s research was done by our own researchers using direct observation of both ‘skilled’ and ‘average’ negotiators.

  • We observed them in their preparations and then again, putting that preparation into practice during live negotiations.  The difference between skilled and average, we found, was hugely significant.

  • That allowed us to develop the model for successful negotiation.  We can benchmark your sales and procurement professionals against that model and bring them into alignment


Why are behaviours so important?

Sometimes a negotiation can happen without warning, with little time to prepare and plan. At that specific time your behavioural repertoire may be all you have at your disposal and therefore an important fall back tool to keep you in control, give clarity and to buy you time.

By combining tools and techniques for Preparation and Planning with negotiation specific behaviours we offer our clients a potent mix. It’s a competitive advantage your opposition won’t see coming. It’s also the reason why many seasoned negotiators, trained elsewhere, come to us. They know it’s the only way to expose themselves to the unique behavioural aspects of negotiation, practiced by the very best in the world.

Your choice of negotiation training courses

Your people might be involved in highly complex, set-piece negotiations or, they negotiate relatively often but around smaller issues as part of their daily business life. We offer two different negotiation training programmes, to meet either set of needs.

VBA Negotiation (2 day)
VBA Complex Negotiation (3 day)

Huthwaite International behavioural research experts - International reach

“Our teams were taught how to build up a deal, understand the client, develop specific propositions and establish a profitable long term relationship. As a direct result our team has already won a significant large new client using this methodology.

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