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Why invest?

Whether you are a CEO or a telephone operative in a call centre, the ability to communicate well is the cornerstone of professional success. It’s an important investment.

The great news is that – irrespective of whether you want your company to have more successful managers, people who can handle conflict better, teams better able to influence colleagues and clients, or good communicators generally – effective communication is not a subjective thing, it isn’t a natural ability that some people are just born with and it has little to do with personality. It’s a defined behaviour that can be learnt.

Through our extensive observational research we have identified the behaviours present in successful communication. We know what effective verbal communication is and what it looks and sounds like. Using our Verbal Behavioural Analysis (VBA) model we can record, analyse and interpret you and/or your team’s verbal communication behaviour, compare it with our success profile, show you where you are and where you need to be and give you the tools to take you to the highest level.

Improving your long term skills on a Huthwaite VBA Communication programme.

We always begin VBA programmes with a thorough, practical grounding in what the core communicating behaviours are and how they can be applied. We make sure that participants can practise them with confidence and self-awareness before looking at how to apply them in specific workplace scenarios.

At Huthwaite we don’t just teach short term skills, we work with our clients to facilitate long term behaviour change. So as with all our programmes we don’t assume that a couple of days together in a training room will revolutionise your communications overnight. We work with you to reinforce and measure the newly acquired skills so that over time they become a learned and permanent behaviour and your organisation continues to achieve a return on investment long into the future.

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“It was enlightening to be able to identify the different attributes of the people in a room. Learning how to be able to interact with each individual to get the best out of them and how to contribute to get the best from a meeting is invaluable. I found the Behaviour Analysis fascinating. Understanding how to structure your input and manage your own contributions and those of others, to achieve a positive outcome is really beneficial.”

Ian Gaitley – Head of Sales, Net Evidenced



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