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15 07, 2015

How well are you negotiating?

July 15th, 2015|Research & benchmarks|

Global negotiation research. For decades Huthwaite International have researched the strategies and behaviours that distinguish a skilled negotiator from an average negotiator. In 2014 we launched our biggest global negotiation research survey in a bid to find out what negotiating tactics people consider to be successful. Based on Huthwaite’s original negotiation research into what behaviours [...]

1 07, 2015

SPIN® – A positive impact on sales

July 1st, 2015|Research & benchmarks|

Proof of consistent, sustained & contemporary return on investment. A client success story of how SPIN® has made a positive impact on sales for Urgo Medical. The true test of training effectiveness is the success it brings to the organisation paying for it. No other measure really matters. Interesting content, enjoyable events and engaging [...]

16 09, 2014

Understanding the procurement challenge

September 16th, 2014|Research & benchmarks|

A study of how Procurement are influencing internally. The Management Consultancy Association (MCA)’s Consultancy Buyers Forum (CBF) was established in 2012 to change the way organisations procure consultancy services, through bringing procurement professionals and management consultants together to develop and promote best practice. In this report we acknowledge the current image of Procurement, [...]

23 04, 2014

Creating and capturing value global research report

April 23rd, 2014|Research & benchmarks|

Report reveals findings of research across 30 countries in five continents which puts some finite definition around the much-misused term "value". Successful sales forces today have to be in the business of creating value for their customers and, to stay profitable, capturing value for their own organisations. Creating value is not just about communicating what the product will [...]

10 05, 2012

Developing outstanding corporate customer service

May 10th, 2012|Research & benchmarks|

A benchmark study of complaint resolution behaviours. There are many theories and approaches to delivering excellent customer service. Customer service consultants and experts extol the virtues of exceeding customer expectations, ‘wowing’ the customer, being proactive, taking a “Yes, I can” approach, the importance of First Contact Resolution, the need to show Empathy. But which [...]

2 07, 2011

Insights into the changing role of procurement

July 2nd, 2011|Research & benchmarks|

The changing procurement landscape. With strategic procurement ‘transformation’ being a board level priority for many companies and aggressive tools such as reverse e-auctions being unleashed, how can sales professionals manage the procurement relationship to ensure their products and services are not treated as a commodity? For full findings from the research download the report [...]

19 05, 2011

Beyond the sales team

May 19th, 2011|Research & benchmarks|

The ‘Service/Sales Continuum’. The following White Paper examines the findings of an independent survey undertaken on behalf of Huthwaite International which seeks to separate myth from reality in the critical aspect of the seller/buyer relationship and looks at what organisations are doing to adjust to a shifting commercial landscape. For a full set of [...]

7 02, 2011

Proposals – the silent sales killers

February 7th, 2011|Research & benchmarks|

How effective are your proposals?. This white paper explores some of the difficulties of producing persuasive proposal documents and puts forward a model for developing proposals that will enhance your chances of being short listed and winning business. Proposals are one of the most neglected elements of the sales process and one that will [...]