MCA Consulting Excellence initiative.

Karen Woodhead, Head of Marketing, Huthwaite International

As proud members of the MCA (Management Consultancies Association) we’re delighted to announce our participation in the MCA’s new Consulting Excellence initiative. Launched in July 2016 Consulting Excellence is a revolution in the consulting industry in that it commits MCA member firms to the highest standards of ethical behaviour, professional development and client service and value.

The accreditation process is rigorous and lengthy. It involves detailed examination and evidence of our excellence in 9 core areas. Namely that we:

  1. Are responsible and good citizens.
  2. Conduct our business ethically.
  3. Foster an ethical culture.
  4. Provide excellent consulting services which deliver the outcomes clients seek and need.
  5. Are transparent with clients and respond to their concerns.
  6. Always strive to improve the value we can deliver to our clients.
  7. Undertake training and professional development planning each year.
  8. Promote strong core consulting capabilities and specialisms in our consultants and teams.
  9. Support our employees’ career progression, professional development and welfare.

High quality is of paramount importance to us at Huthwaite International. Many of our clients operate in fiercely competitive global markets and the fact that they stay with us year after year, indeed, that they come to us at all, is down to our ability to demonstrate excellence across all areas of our business.

UK consulting is renowned around the world and that’s a history we’re very proud of and a heritage we intend to continue.

For more information on the MCA including the Consulting Excellence initiative visit them at or email