European Mentoring & Coaching Council and UFHRD Conference

The golden rules of effective coaching

Following our latest research into coaching, Dr Janet Curran, Head of Thought Leadership at Huthwaite International, presented Huthwaite’s newest findings at two recent events, the annual European Mentoring and Coaching Council in London, 8th June 2017, and the 18th edition of the UFHRD Conference in Portugal, 15th June 2017.

We know that  different skillsets and behaviours are required in different roles. And although this is also true for coaching too, our latest research reveals that the skills required for effective selling and coaching are more aligned than we expected.

In this video watch Dr Curran as she explores Huthwaite’s findings in more detail and reveals the five golden rules that our research has highlighted as being essential for being a good coach. These include: Building trust, Asking questions, Seeking understanding, Listening, Seeking proposals.

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