//Finding the best sales people

Finding the best sales people

Have you ever recruited a sales professional who performed below expectations?

If so, you’re not alone.

Several recruitment studies from the last 5 years show a huge gap between what companies wanted from their sales recruits versus what they actually got, once in post.

A massive 95% of businesses indicated that their appointed sales people did not ultimately meet their expectations. And 50% of businesses who recruited sales people said they wanted to improve their recruiting processes and tools to address the issue.

The fact is recruiting effective sales professionals is a risky business. If you get it wrong your company wastes time and money, risks disruption to the sales team and a negative impact on profit and market share. There’s also the added worry that a really strong individual could slip through the net.

Huthwaite International’s scenario based assessment system (SBAS) addresses these issues head on.

SBAS is an online recruitment tool that allows you to gain a deeper insight into the skills and experience of sales candidates before you appoint them.

Candidates go through an online real scenario-based assessment that evaluates their decision-making abilities in the context of a high value complex sale.

Once they have completed it you receive a report showing:

  • Each candidate’s median score for each of the 4 stages of a complex sale.
  • A summary of how the candidates compare with each other at each of the 4 stages.
  • Each candidate’s score against a large international database.
  • Based on their overall score a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ performance recommendation for each candidate based on their ability to handle a high value, complex sale.

SBAS will help you find those individuals who are capable of performing as you expect and reject those who are not. As well as help save you time, money and effort.

Contact us for more information including a free, no obligation online demonstration.

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