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Does SPIN® Selling work? A company share their story

Does SPIN® Selling work? In a video testimonial from Atkins Global, Simon Meekings, Learning and Development Business Partner for Sales Excellence, shares the organisation's experience of working with Huthwaite International to deliver a large implementation project to 400 people, and the impact SPIN® Selling has had.

The positive feedback and reaction to the training has resulted in Atkins looking into a worldwide SPIN® implementation with Huthwaite. So does SPIN® Selling work? Yes it does, but don’t just take our word for it, listen to our client testimonial below.

In the testimonial Simon shares insights into:

  • the Business outcomes Atkins were looking to achieve
  • how Atkins were in search of an approach which was current, had a proven track record of success, and was befitting of a leading organisation such as theirs
  • why Atkins chose Huthwaite and SPIN®
  • how SPIN® resonates with Atkins
  • the reaction to the training implementation
  • the benefits of customisation
  • embedment of training into the business.

Read the full client success story below.

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