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Cryovac and Sealed Air Join Forces to Become one of Europe’s Leading Package Suppliers

Market Leader

The recent merger of Sealed Air Corporation and Cryovac has created the world’s leading manufacturer of protective and speciality packaging materials and systems. Cryovac had been market leader in food packaging materials for the meat and dairy products industry for many years. The merger with Sealed Air Corporation will give the new company a very strong position across a broader market including many non-food sectors.

Responding to a highly competitive market

Cryovac Sealed Air operates in a highly competitive and fast changing market, where the ability to respond quickly to changing customer needs, and provide a high quality backup service to support the products is vital to success.

Philip Cheshire, Cryovac Sealed Air Sales Director in the UK, summarised the situation: “While the new company has a very strong position, we face the challenge of maintaining and growing our business in an increasingly competitive market. We recognise that our customers in the food industry are under tremendous competitive pressure as well, which means that their needs are constantly changing as they seek ways of differentiating themselves. Cryovac has always invested heavily in developing innovative new products. We want to ensure that our salespeople in the UK have the skills to monitor our customers’ needs so that we are always in a position to offer them the right products at the right time. We chose Huthwaite International to help us because their SPIN® Selling programme has a strong accent on the consultative approach to in-depth need investigation our sales require.”

Management support

The current training has also involved the sales managers in providing follow up coaching by leading a series of training sessions as part of normal sales team meetings. The management team worked with Huthwaite to develop these coaching sessions as well as supporting materials, during a three day coaching workshop.

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