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Ericsson chooses SPIN® after considering up to 30 different alternatives

Published in The Times Newspaper

The Times newspaper’s Sales Performance supplement looks at the state of sales skill in the UK today and the variety of approaches taken to skill enhancement by some leading companies. In doing so, Paul Myles’s article "It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it" reviews some of the current leading providers, models and methodologies for sales training. SPIN® Selling and Huthwaite International are the first to be mentioned in his piece with some great feedback from Thomas Anjou, Head of the Academy of Sales and Marketing, at giant telecoms company, Ericsson.

Thomas shares his reason for choosing Huthwaite's SPIN® methodology - "It was the best one that was researched based."

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Seven companies share their ROI stories and how they improved performance, changed behaviour and transformed fortunes.  This report is important reading for anyone evaluating their company's sales performance and / or considering a skills improvement programme.

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