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Oracle – Huthwaite helps Oracle in Moscow and Around the World

Moscow is, almost by definition, one of the most challenging places to train as well as to sell these days. Exciting, but anarchic. For one thing, everyone is so busy (and often inexperienced) that the pressure of work frequently interrupts training sessions. And among customers (even government departments) money is very tight. That, says Huthwaite’s Tony Hughes, is why negotiation skills are so very important to a supplier like Oracle, operating in the competitive software market.

Negotiation is a key skill ‘Explicit needs to buy’ have to outweigh significant financial constraints, and deals are often transacted on the back of imaginative means of financing. On the other hand, companies in some sectors, especially energy, are investing heavily in their IT systems now, which is a massive opportunity for Oracle.This quite different approach from those adopted in the longer standing capitalist countries is reflected in the selling and negotiation skills training. Building from a firm foundation It was Oracle’s HR function in Moscow which first identified the need for stronger commercial skills among the salesforce, armed with the knowledge that SPIN® Selling and Negotiating Skills already held a key position in Oracle’s international training strategy as Oracle Europe foundation courses.

Every salesperson undergoes these foundation courses at an early stage, to improve his/her understanding of customers and prospects. Pim Mel, who is Oracle’s senior sales and management education consultant, experienced Huthwaite’s unique approach to training when he was working with another 17 multinational. So he was pleased to set Huthwaite as the trainer of choice for Oracle in countries as far afield as Hungary, Turkey, France, Germany, Portugal and Scandinavia and he was confident that Huthwaite, “would assist Oracle in meeting our objectives for improving customer relationships, understanding the customer issues better and thereby improve the fit between our solutions and the customers’ needs. Tangible results are always difficult; to quantify in revenue terms, but I must say there have been measurable improvements in key skills areas - and that’s what we wanted.”

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