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UPS launches Major Account Strategy programme

Huthwaite and UPS have jointly implemented SPIN® Selling Skills and Telephone Selling Skills across Europe over the past few years. Fast growing UPS continue to invest in developing their global salesforce. In a joint venture with Huthwaite International, 16 trainers attended a Train-the-Trainer event in Atlanta to deliver Huthwaite’s Account Strategy for Major Sales programme. The programme was later rolled out across the USA and Europe.

This initiative was delivered jointly by Huthwaite International and Huthwaite Incorporated, working together to produce a sales simulation based on a real UPS selling scenario which formed the central skill development platform for the new programme. The trainers participated in the programme so they could experience the power of the simulation as a learning vehicle. Feedback at the end of the event indicated that the simulation will prove to be a very effective learning tool.

Bringing the new programme to fruition was a demanding task for both Huthwaite organisations with only three weeks from the go decision to the delivery of the pilot programme and Train-the-Trainer event. A delivery deadline which had teams of people on both sides of the Atlantic working overtime to get everything produced on time. The result was worth the effort with the UPS training team giving the programme an enthusiastic reception.

Further work was also needed in the weeks after to tailor the simulation to match the cultural differences in Europe, and to translate the materials prior to the European launch. The demands of meeting the needs of a wide range of European countries is familiar ground for both Huthwaite and UPS who have jointly implemented SPIN® Selling Skills and Telephone Selling Skills across Europe over the past few years.

For UPS the new programme is part of the campaign to bring the whole portfolio of products and services to their customer base. UPS is no longer just a carrier but offers a wide range of services which can build to bring customers a total solution to their transportation needs.

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