Huthwaite International joins world’s top firms as founders of major consultancy industry initiative

Press release, July 8 2016.

At a ceremony in London yesterday, Huthwaite International became a founder signatory to the Management Consultancies Association’s “Consulting Excellence” scheme. The MCA initiative is part of the Association’s drive to promote the professionalism and standing of the industry, and to enhance its reputation of a major contributor to national and international economic success.

Consulting Excellence is based on nine Principles, which fall into three headings: Ethical Behaviour, Client Service & Value, and Professional Development.

Founder signatories, besides Huthwaite International, include such leading firms in the global consulting industry as Atkins, CSC, Deloitte, IBM, Capita, Mott MacDonald and Thales.

Huthwaite International CEO Tony Hughes said: “The ‘Consulting Excellence’ initiative will be good for our clients, good for the consulting industry, good for our employees and good for Huthwaite. Many of the principles will simply be reinforcing what good firms do every day – but by enshrining it in a charter, asking member firms to appoint ‘Consulting Excellence Champions’ and running a variety of activities to promote observation of the principles, the MCA is ensuring that this is seen and heard by the people who have the power to shape the industry for the future.

MCA President Howard Tollit said: “As the consulting industry adapts quickly to meet new needs and expand into new service areas, it is more important than ever that all our best firms identify, strengthen and promote their good practice in these areas. These are the core consulting skills and qualities that bring us together as an industry and enable us to continue to deliver value to clients and the wider economy.

Full details of the Consulting Excellence principles are available here.

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