Huthwaite verbal behaviours in kitchen murder mystery

Press release, July 10 2013.

At a day celebrating the achievements of budding Year 7 science students, their teachers, and those who work to support them, children from Yorkshire and Lancashire gathered at Grenoside Primary School today. On display were exhibition stands ranging from ‘The Human Condition’, ‘Fire and Flight’ and the Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA) SmartTalk project.

The highlight was the red-carpet launch of the new animation ‘Off the Menu’, written, produced and voiced entirely by the children themselves. The film showcases the VBA skills that were developed by Wentworth-based Huthwaite International and which have been helping Huthwaite customers around the world have more successful sales and negotiation interactions for over 40 years. The children have been using the same behavioural skill sets over recent months to help with classroom learning and their general communication ability, under the guidance of Huthwaite consultants, their science teacher Jenni Monach and Dr Lynne Bianchi of Sheffield Hallam University.

Last month the children attended a special VBA day at Huthwaite’s Wentworth headquarters and have now produced this film illustrating the power of VBA in assisting learning, communication, collaboration and clarity of thought. The original VBA day, according to 11 year-old Alice Marsden, was “Amazing. It really taught me stuff I hadn’t thought about before and I feel much more confident now about the way I persuade others, talk to people and listen properly to what they have to say.

The young scientists and film makers were just as enthusiastic about what they learned putting the film together. Grenoside pupil Thomas Taylor, who played the role of Chef, commented: “It was great fun using the verbal behaviours, especially the Defend/Attack behaviours which Chef used a lot – something I try not to use much of in real life!

A link to the full 9 minute movie is here

Tony Hughes, Huthwaite International Managing Director summed up the day. “The film and today’s events have been a celebration of the importance of science in these young people’s lives, of the power of skilful verbal communication, and of the talents of these enthusiastic pupils. Most of all, it has been a lot of fun.

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