Introducing our new brand

New Year, New Brand.

Tony Hughes, CEO, Huthwaite Group of Companies

I am delighted to announce that Huthwaite International, a world leader in sales, negotiation and communication skills development, has a new brand identity.

Our rebranding reflects important developments in Huthwaite’s continued growth and success.

The first development is tied to the ever changing global landscape. Our clients must compete in increasingly commoditized and competitive markets. It’s becoming harder to add value and stand out. Being able to sell, negotiate and communicate to a world class standard provides a crucial advantage here. It’s what we do and it’s important that our audiences truly understand all the ways we can help them. Our brand plays a vital role in this communication.

The second development is we had outgrown our brand. With the passing of time, it was becoming difficult for anyone – including ourselves – to really put a finger on what the Huthwaite International brand was about. We are world leaders in our field and had so many strengths but somewhere down the line the true character of Huthwaite wasn’t coming across as clearly as it could.

Our new identity includes a new corporate logo, which has been developed around the concept of progress and the upward trajectory of success. Our website is now contemporary and fresh and regularly updated with the latest opinion and insights into our solutions and the commercial contexts within which they work. Our creative identity is clean and minimalist. It allows us to engage our audiences and in a clear but inspiring way. We changed our strapline to Out-think, out-perform. It’s a simple concept. It’s ultimately what we help our clients to do and ultimately what they want from us above all else.

2017 is our 43rd year and we move forward strong and focused and with a suite of proven solutions that are more sought after than they’ve ever been.  We hope our new brand will provide greater clarity for our clients past and present as well as those looking to learn more about us for the very first time. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you over the coming months and years. Also to learning more about you and how we might help.


Find out more about the rationale behind our new brand.

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