People Development Summit 2016

9th – 11th March 2016, Barcelona.

For the second year in a row, Huthwaite International will be attending the People Development Summit (#PDS16 if you’re a Tweeter).

This year, it’s in Barcelona (life can be hard sometimes). We recognise that it isn’t the easiest task to try and identify those companies who you would value a conversation with. So we thought it might be helpful if we set up this page where any of the L&D professionals in attendance could find out a little more about who we are and what we do (including what we don’t do).  If what you see on this page ignites any interest in a conversation, then we would love to have a chat with you. If it doesn’t, then we hope you have a brilliant time in Barcelona, that you have lots of useful conversations for your business, and perhaps we’ll see you at the bar.

What is happening in the L&D world?
We thought we’d share the video below – an interview with Robin Hoyle (Partner of Huthwaite International). In the video, Robin argues that increasing organisational complexity is leading to a profound shift in the way that L&D departments need to engage creatively with their colleagues to deliver effective learning. Is Robin right? Are these the key challenges facing you as an L&D professional?

Should I talk to Huthwaite International in Barcelona?
Hopefully, we can try to help you decide whether it’s worth your time having a specific meeting with either John or Darren.

Sales, L&D, HR, Procurement and senior business leaders come to us when they aren’t winning the business they feel they should be, or aren’t securing it on terms that can create sustainable growth. Sometimes their challenges are specific (“We need help in increasing our win rate for major bids”); and sometimes they are a bit vague (“We want to take a strategic approach to sales and negotiation. Where do we start?”). What is typical of most situations is that they are:

  • struggling to create and demonstrate value for their product and service throughout the sales process
  • suffering from sluggish sales pipelines that seem full of great prospects that never really go anywhere
  • having difficulty in managing a major sales opportunity in a strategic way to maximise their success rate
  • frustrated that, during client negotiations, they ‘lose out’ or can’t keep or gain the margins they require
  • wasting time on ineffective and inefficient internal meetings because of poor communication.

We address these problems for our clients by using our research-based skill development models to develop the verbal behavioural skills of their teams.  By adding in practical tools to ensure the new skills can be applied swiftly and effectively from day one we’ve made tangible and measurable improvements to our customers top and bottom lines.

Okay, but there are lots of sales training companies out there. What’s so special about us?
Absolutely. There are lots of sales training and sales coaching organisations out there and if you are looking for a quick fix, someone to come and spend a day ‘motivating’ your sales teams, or if you are seeking training on more basic sales skills then we aren’t for you and other parts of our industry serve these needs better than we can. What sets us apart is our ability to:

  • deliver sustainable behaviour change, using models based upon our live observations into sales and negotiations
  • run projects in over 35 languages, using local trainers with specific cultural knowledge of business
  • focus on experiential and practical learning of new skills.
  • manage complex implementations – because we’ve been doing this for over four decades, and we know what the barriers to change look like.
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