SAMA Pan European Conference

Strategic Account Management Association Annual Pan European Conference, Innovating at the intersections, 14th-16th March, Amsterdam.

The SAMA Pan-European Conference is an opportunity for industry leaders and innovators to gather, network, and share insights into strategic account management practices.

The three day event will host a number of collaborative, and insightful, workshops with a focus on this year’s theme of ‘Innovating at the Intersections’.

Session with Huthwaite International – Building collaborative value through your negotiations

Every Strategic Account Management interaction comes down to a negotiation of some kind. In a session with David Freedman, of Huthwaite International, he will draw on new global research and decades of observational evidence, by Huthwaite, to outline techniques for collaboration that will add value to your negotiations. Hear insights into achieving a collaborative climate, understand which face-to-face behaviors produce mutually beneficial outcomes and learn how best to handle power. Attendees will hear findings that may surprise them – but will help them in their next major negotiation.

Session dates and times:

  • Tuesday 15 March 14:00 – 15:15
  • Wednesday 16 March 9:45 – 11:00
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