SMA Annual Sales Event 2016

The soft side of hard selling, 10th March, Netherlands.

Once again Huthwaite International is pleased to work in partnership with SMA and be part of the leading sales conference in the Netherlands in 2016. 10th of March sees the annual Sales Event take place which includes masterclasses from leading sales experts speaking on the theme of ‘The soft side of hard selling’.

Join Marco Weijers as he hosts his Masterclass: The soft side of hard selling: How to create value

Gain insights into the important factors that are helping global organisations create and capture value with their clients. Hear the result of years of research into what behaviours are effective and what skilled salesperson does that the average salesperson doesn’t.

The masterclass will provide insights into:

  • What kind of soft skills guarantee success – The impact of soft skills on top- and bottom-line results and latest research with YouGov into key sales traits.
  • How to create real value – Results from a recent international company who conducted a survey with their clients to see how satisfied they were with their sellers.
  • Where soft skills are the most effective – How the skills and behaviours of salespeople can be measured and how that can impact the individual and the organisation.
  • What kind of soft skills can be applied by those involved in the buying process – The value a seller can create during the buying process and how.
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