Transformational sales in a digital age

SMA Sales Event 2017, 9th March 2017.

One of the most significant challenges facing sales people is how they can adapt to win business in today’s digital and customer-led environments.

One of the most important areas of attention is the shift from push to pull selling. It’s no secret that clients are far more savvy than ever, having done their digital research long before they see you. It’s crucial therefore to have content applicable to every stage of the customer’s buying cycle and to place that content directly in their path. Without this targeted, digital presence, organisations face the prospect of being screened out of the sales process. This content can take many forms, from a large document to a simple conversation and it blurs the lines between the activities and responsibilities of Sales and Marketing. It also brings into question the often independent or contentious relationship between them.

If sales are to be maximised in the digital landscape Sales and Marketing need to harmonise. Their language needs to align, tactics and responsibilities coordinated and their mutual respect and understanding enhanced so the relationship can move forward in a fruitful way for both sides. In the words of Peter Drucker: “If you want something new, you have to stop something old.” Let the transformation begin.

MasterClass – Transformational Sales in a Digital Age

Nancy Steutel, Engagement Consultant with Huthwaite International will be giving a MasterClass at the SMA 2017 Sales Event, in Noordwijk on the 9th March, discussing why the digital age can be the catalyst for greater harmonisation between Sales and Marketing and why that is pivotal for winning more business in this transformational age. She will be sharing key techniques for how both departments can align their language and customer understanding as well as sharing strategies for how both functions can foster a more interdependent and productive relationship .

For more information or to register to attend the event click on the link below.

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